Sports Teams and Clubs

 Teams and Clubs at WelTec

If you want to be part of a team or in a tournament, head into the Association offices and put your name down to be involved. The Association will connect up the team members through email and help organize things.

Teams and clubs are an important part of student life. WelTecSA and WelTec work together to support teams and clubs that have a clear purpose and are well run. To do this, teams and clubs are asked to affiliate to the Association. This means that the Association knows what the Team or Club is organizing and what they need to be successful. When you sign up for a team or club you automatically become a member of the Association. If you would prefer to remain a non-member just let the Association know. There is no cost for membership.

Who Can be in a Sports Team?

All WelTec students can join sports teams, which are set up at the beginning of each year and refreshed at the beginning of Trimester Two. If you have a social league you want to play in, whether in Petone (where you sign-up at the beginning of semester), or Wellington Central and Auckland (where you apply for funding through WSA – full teams are the key to successful funding) contact WSA through their facebook or email for more information.

You can follow the sports teams’ progress by joining the facebook WelTecSA Sports Teams

What Does It Cost?

Involvement in sports teams is free. However, there may be trials for teams – spaces are limited. Team members are expected to abide by the sports team Code of Conduct.

What Does a Student Get? 

Petone campus teams and affiliated teams and clubs get Association support and access to funding for uniforms, equipment and activities. At Petone the registration and game fees are paid and uniforms supplied. Teams and clubs in other campuses must be affiliated to the Association and are then provided with specific support on application through the Association.Feast

At the Petone campus the Association organises a teams after-party where teams are recognised for their successes and all team members get a chance to feast and catch-up.

Team and Club Leadership

Teams and clubs have a responsibility to the Association to be clear about their purpose and intended activity. Affiliated teams and clubs must have a readily contactable Lead and a Treasurer (usually Captain and Vice Captain if a team) who are jointly responsible for the day to day operation of the Team or Club.

Starting a club

Students wishing to start a club are required to speak with the Association, and complete a Club affiliation form. Clubs will be listed on the Association website.

Team and Club Affiliation Form Download.

Club Rules

  1. Clubs must have a readily contactable Lead and Treasurer – both must be WelTec students in the year the club is constituted.
  2. There must be at least three other WelTec students in the club
  3. The club must have a name and clear purpose
  4. The purpose of the club must relate to the needs of the WelTec student members
  5. The activity of the club must not bring the institution or students into disrepute
  6. The club affiliation form must be completed and affiliation agreed by the Association manager
  7. The club must respond in a reasonable timeframe to enquiries made by the Association about their activity (generally for reporting and media purposes).
  8. Affiliation is annual
  9. Clubs can receive one club grant each year and must use the Association as the ‘bank’ for these funds



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